Solana Birbs

A collection of 5,555 unique birbs, with some laying eggs!

The story of Solana Birbs

Once upon a time, all of our birbs were living happily together in the garden of Birb Paradise. All different kind of birbs were living there. Trippy birbs, sleepy birbs, even space and pirate birbs.

But then there was Charlie...Solana told all of the birbs that they are not allowed to eat worms from the Magic tree. This was fine for a while, but Charlie simply couldn't resist those juicy looking worms.

After Charlie snacked the worm, the grandmasters of Solana went mad. How could it be, that those birbs had everything they ever needed - but Charlie still ate this worm?! What an ungrateful birb he was.

But wait - something magical happened in Birb Paradise! Some of the birbs have been having too much fun in Paradise and are laying eggs!

As with life, these things happen randomly. Which birb will lay an egg? Will it be yours? Join our Discord to find out if your birb will be the lucky one living la dolce vita.

The Power Line

We’re sorry Birbs, but we have to give 25% of our royalties to the power company for electricity. Our low flying Birbs are getting burnt forever.
This reduces the amount of available birbs on the marketplaces, increases your chance of getting an egg, and raises the floor.


Launch on October 7th - 10PM UTC

Sold out in less than 30 seconds.

Currently happening

Egg airdrop started!

There’s a 17% chance that an egg drops every 5 minutes and this equates to approximately 23 days of distribution for all 1,111 eggs. These eggs will be airdropped to birb holders who have birbs in their wallet.

If the Discord bot announces a birb that is listed on a market place, the community has 1 hour to buy this birb and receive the egg – otherwise it is lost.


The eggs will start to hatch into a second generation of birbs.


How many birbs are available?
5,555 birbs want to keep living heir best life in Birb Paradise. 1,111 of those will lay an egg.
How will I know if my birb lays an egg?
This is a hidden trait of your unique birb.
At a certain point in time, your birb might start laying an egg. There will only be 1,111 birbs laying eggs in total.
What was the minting cost?
Minting cost was 0.5 SOL.
Where can I trade my birbs?
You can trade your birbs on Solanart, Alpha Art, Magic Eden and Digital Eyes,
Where can I check the rarity of my birb?
You can check the rarity on Moonrank.