Solana Birbs

A collection of 5,555 unique birbs that need your help to get out of Eden!

Why we need your help

Once upon a time, all of our birbs were living happily together in the garden of Magic Eden. All different kind of birbs were living there. Trippy birbs, sleepy birbs, even space and pirate birbs.

But then there was Charlie...Solana told all of the birbs that they are not allowed to eat worms from the Magic tree. This was fine for a while, but Charlie simply couldn't resist those juicy looking worms.

After Charlie snacked the worm, the grandmasters of Solana went mad. How could it be, that those birbs had everything they ever needed - but Charlie still ate this worm?! What an ungrateful birb he was.

So here we are are the last chance for our birbs to stay in the lands of the Magic Garden Eden.
To make things worse, some of our birbs are pregnant and carry an egg with them. We hope that you will support these birbs, and their babies, so that they can keep living their best life in Magic Eden.



Marketing and Community building

Auctioning special 1 of 1 Birbs

Tuesday, Sept. 21st

Private Presale of 500 birbs - join our Discord to get presale acccess

All proceeds will be used for marketing the main launch.
We are already in touch with various high-profile influencers.

Working towards launch

5,000 birbs will be available through our main launch exclusively on Magic Eden

Aftermarket available exclusively via Magic Eden

One Month After Launch

Within a month after our launch, the first birbs (1,111 in total) will start laying eggs.

These eggs will be airdropped to birb holders.


The eggs will start to hatch - we don't spoil whats in there yet.

Creation of the Birb DAO. Verified Birb owners would be able to dictate and vote on a birb Treasury and charities to donate to.


How many birbs are available?
5,555 birbs want to keep living heir best life in Magic Eden. 1,111 of those will be pregnant and carry an egg.
How will I know if my birb lays an egg?
This is a hidden trait of your unique birb.
At a certain point in time, your birb might start laying an egg. There will only be 1,111 birbs laying eggs in total.
What's the minting cost?
Minting cost will be 0.5 SOL.
When can I mint?
The mint date is not yet announced. Stay tuned.
Where can I trade my birbs?
Once minting is done, you will be able to trade your birbs exclusively on Magic Eden!